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Here are some of the professional services we offer

IT Management

If you rely on technology for your business, you need a solid IT strategy to make smart decisions to keep your company’s technology aligned with its overall goals. Information technology is much more that computers and servers, and your IT vision needs to be properly managed to stay ahead of the curve

Business Analysis

Matching the right technology to each unique requirement, performing needs analysis as well as business process re-engineering to make sure business processes are as efficient and effective as possible

Project Planning and Implementations

So you’ve found the right technology, but now you need it implemented.  Successful implementations require proper training, testing, monitoring and reporting on key performance indicators

Your Entire Web Presence

Companies today need a solid web presence to thrive. We use the internet to discover new businesses, interact with them and share our experiences with others.  Public website, staff/stakeholder secure portals, social media, online directories… and the list goes on

IT Administration

The hardware and software that run our businesses rarely take care of themselves.  As technology becomes simpler for users, it becomes much more complex behind the scenes.  It is important that the people looking after your systems have the experience and big picture vision to keep you up and running.


Need some technology help at home?

Our houses are connected more than ever before.  Here’s how we can help

Help with Service Providers

Internet provider giving you the run around? Are you sick of your bills constantly increasing and getting less in return?  We can help you resolve issues faster and ensure you’re getting the best deals by holding these companies accountable for the services they provide

Whole Home Connectivity

Our homes are full of technology, and you need to make sure everything is setup to work together like a fine tuned machine.  We can help with that.  PC repairs, syncing mobile phones with the cloud, backup services and more

Making the Right Decisions

When it comes to buying your next phone, computer, gadget or gizmo, there’s just too much choice.  Different brands, models, stores and online shops, we can help you get the best tech for the best price











Technical skills are more than just fixing your computer

Increase productivity

Get more done in less time.  Eliminate repetitive and boring tasks and free up time to focus on things you enjoy

More information at your fingertips

Once you know how to find answers to all of your questions online, you’ll wonder how you ever got along with it.  There are sites, services and communities out there with the answers, you just need to know how to find them

Find new and innovative ways to complete a task

As technology innovates, so do your everyday tasks.  There is always an easier way to complete a task, its all about finding it and making the change

Spend less time waiting for tech support

Waiting on hold for an hour because you have a flashing screen in front of you but you don’t want to read the error is simply not fun.  Get some insight into what those errors mean so that you can reduce the calls to support and handle some issues yourself


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