Moving Text Around – Cut, Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

Cut -> Ctrl + X

Copy -> Ctrl + C

Paste -> Ctrl + V


* Way to remember -> Just remember ‘C’ for copy, and it will seem natural to move to X and V for cut and paste. Also, if it helps, think ‘X’ as scissors (use your imagination…)


We all do this on a daily basis, and usually people rely on their mouse and navigate through the right click menu to get this done.  Typically we use the mouse to select the text and place the cursor anyways, but its still good practice to implement keyboard shortcuts here.  Also, cut/copy is usually followed by paste, which means not going to the mouse menu to get both of these functions done will double the time and effort saved.


Try it out

  • Rearrange the words using “Ctrl” and “X”, “C” or “V”

This isn’t limited to working with the clipboard; you can also move files around using these shortcuts.