Just Google It

Have a question? Any question?  Just Google it.  Honestly…



I work in IT, and I get questions from friends, family and coworkers almost everyday about just about anything in any way related to computers.  Stuff that I’ve never worked with, never touched before, and would never have the need to know anything about anyways.  That being said, I’m usually pretty good at getting the answer.  It’s no secret, I’m not a genius.  More often then not, I just Google it.

How do I do (insert action) in (insert application)?

What’s the best (app/computer/smartphone/brand) to buy for (some random hobby or special interest)?


From now on, if you only follow one tip from this site, follow this one.  Just Google it.  You’ll be amazed at how many people have the exact same questions as you, and how many people decided that, after finding the answer for themselves, would post the answer online to help the next poor soul that’s stuck with the same dilemma.


If you’re worried about what specifically to type, or you’re just not that good at Googling, just starting off with literally asking Google your question.


Just today I asked Google this exact thing:

“How do I insert a carriage return in an Excel cell”

Pro Tip – don’t know what a “carriage return” is?  Google it 🙂


Over time you will learn which words to cut out, and how to hone in on your Google foo.  The next couple tips should help.  But you need to follow this one to get started.