DTT 0.1 Beta: Most Important Tech Tip


For those of you chomping at the bit for your tech tips, it’s time to practice the most important tip of all: patience


The wait is almost over, and if you haven’t done so, be sure to sign up, and tell your friends, colleagues, co-workers and family about Daily Tech Tips.  Starting October 5th, we will be releasing a new tech tip each weekday to help you be more efficient and effective,working with the technologies around you.



Joking and marketing aside, patience really is the key to adopting useful skills when working with technology.  For many of us, the tools we use at work daily today didn’t exist 10 years ago.  The key is to be patient with technology, clicking frantically will only make things worse.  Computers and the internet will never be fast enough, or work perfectly.  The point is to give up fighting with technology and to get it working for you.


So take this week to start exercising patience with technology, because next week we’ll start integrating new techniques to simply make you better at your job.