Switch between programs with Alt+Tab

Press and Hold “Alt” and Hit “Tab” to change windows



When you’re working with multiple windows it can be awkward to move back and forth.  Maybe you’re copying data from one screen to another, or you’re instant messaging with someone while working on a document.  If you need to move back and forth between programs, you need to be using Alt+Tab.  Using your mouse to click on the taskbar item can be slow, and if you’re like me you have so many options to chose from that it actually gets frustrating.


Hold the “Alt” button, and then press “Tab” once (keep holding the “Alt” button) – This will bring you back to your last program

Now you can keep pressing “Tab” as many times as you like to cycle backwards through all of your open programs.

Pro Tip

Use “Shift” + “Alt” + “Tab” to move backwards in the list of open programs