Feel Free to Make Mistakes – Undo and Redo Quicker

Ctrl + Z -> Undo

Ctrl + Y -> Redo

* You’ll be surprised how amazing this will be for you


We all make mistakes, but what is important is how quickly we can fix them and move on.  Using these keyboard shortcuts you will not only save time from NOT having to go to the “Edit” menu and select “Undo” (possibly repeatedly if you have to go back awhile), but now you will be more comfortable trying new things and testing, because you know it will literally take you 10 seconds to get back to where you were.  And if you get a little trigger happy with your “Ctrl + Z”, then you can always redo with “Ctrl + Y” to hone in on exactly where you need to be.

Try it out

  • Select the text above and use “Ctrl + X” to cut it
  • Undo using “Ctrl + Z”
  • Redo using “Ctrl + Y”
  • Paste using “Ctrl + V”

Word of caution – different applications have different limits for how far back you can undo/redo.  Always be aware of this and never rely purely on the program’s ability to undo/redo.  I encourage you to go out and make mistakes (how else can we learn), but never assume everything you have done is saved somewhere