Finding Apps/Services

The driving force of technology is the innovation that comes from creative minds solving common problems through software or services (or both.)  The challenge is keeping on top of all of the up and comers and also knowing how to tell which apps are best.


Finding the Best Apps/Software

You want to find a good app to manage your to do list, so you go to your app store and type in “to do list”.  You pick an app with a cool sounding name and a neat logo, and install it on your phone.   This is great, until you open up the app and realize its garbage.  This happens all too often.  Everyone and anyone can create an app these days, and so all of the app stores have turned into repositories of millions off apps, the majority of which are useless.  So the question becomes, how do you make an educated decision in picking the best app for you?

Focus on the companies you know and trust

There are some big name companies that you can trust to produce a high quality app (not necessarily the best, but definitely better). A few of these companies would be Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung.  Both the App Store and the Play Store offer the option to click on the developer name, so that you can see all of the apps published by that developer.

Official Apps – Almost always the right app for the job

Looking to play Netflix videos on your phone?  Make sure you look for the app developed by Netflix.  A search in the store will give you hundreds of apps, but rest assured the best one is probably the official app released by the company that created the service, or created the respective computer software.  It is always a good idea to start with the official app, and if it doesn’t meet your needs, look for alternatives

Best Apps Lists, Editor’s Choice and More

The internet is full of people that have already tried all of the apps out there, and many of them have posted their reviews to a variety of websites.  There are some well established sites out there that give great “Best Apps” lists (below are just a few).  Google offers their “Editor’s Choice” on the Play Store if you’d like to see what apps made their cut.  If none of these help, you can always take to Google with a simple “Best recipe app for android” search, which will give you a great starting point for reading reviews and overviews of what’s out there

Lifehacker App Directory – Lifehacker is always a good resource for keeping on top of what’s available. Their app directory is no exception

Macworld List of Best iOS Apps – There are sites around the internet dedicated to giving you information on different technologies out there.  Most of them will curate lists of their favourite apps to help you make a better decision with yours

CNET: Best Android and Best iOS apps – There are countless tech review sites, CNET is just one example.  Find a couple that are reputable and check them out for their faves

What are your competitors or the big guys using?

StackShare is a great resource to figure out what services the big companies are using.  There are tons of interviews, podcasts and blog posts where you can figure out what tools the big companies use to be successful.

Finding a better or just different app from the one you’re using

Sometimes you just aren’t happy with what you have.  Well have no fear.  If you found an app that’s close to what you want, but its not quite there, simply type “alternative to <program name>” into Google.  You are almost guaranteed to get some suggestions. is also a great resource time find apps and software for your specific needs that will run on your system.