Is Your Computer Slowing You Down?

How to check if your computer’s resources are slowing you down

There are a ton of reasons why your computer might run a little sluggish – viruses, slow internet, or you’re asking too much of your computer.  To check to see if it’s time for an upgrade, or if you should close out a few browser tabs, simply press and hold Ctrl+Shift+Esc (tip, Ctrl with your thumb, Shift with your index finger and Esc with your middle finger – all with your left hand).

This will show you your Task Manager.  From here, you can click on the “Performance” tab to see a breakdown of what resources are being used.  If any of the graphs are nearing 100%, you might be pushing it too much. (Memory in the image below is running pretty high)

If you find that you’re consistently running high, you may need to upgrade your computer to get something a little faster with more resources to keep up with your workload.  If you have questions about what you’re seeing here, or about what to do with your “95% CPU Usage”, hop on over to and click “Ask a question” – I’d love to help!