Use Google search for calculations and conversions

Use Google to calculate values or convert units


I haven’t used a calculator in about 10 years.  By that I mean a physical, dedicated machine to calculate numbers.  Sure, I use the calculator feature on my phone, or use the calculator in Windows (Pro tip: just hit the Windows button, type ‘calc’ and hit enter…voila, a calculator).  If I’m in Chrome (or any other web browser), I just go to a new tab and type in the calculation.



“sqrt 5505” -> square root



I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  The best part is that once Google does the calculation for you, it gives you the answer in a calculator so that you can continue manipulating the numbers.


You might be saying “That’s great, but what if I’m baking cookies, and did the math to figure out how to triple the batch, but I need to know how many cups are in a quart?”

Two things:

  1. Triple batches of cookies are never a good idea
  2. Once you get your number of quarts and need to convert it to cups, just type that into Google

“8 quarts to cups”

It’s not just baking, anything unit conversion

“85 hectares to square inches”

“13 ounces to kilograms”

“25 rupees to dollars”


I think you get the point.

Mainly, it’s important to remember this category’s first tip.  You have a question, just Google it.