Move Windows to where you want them – Win + Arrows

Press and hold the “Windows” key and use the arrow keys to snap it left, right, maximize (up) or restore (down)

Mouse Variation

When dragging Windows with the mouse, snap it to the edges of the screen to quickly size the windows



This one is a tricky one if you haven’t played with Windows’ snap function.  This was introduced in Windows 7, and allows users to quickly maximize the window, or to fit it perfectly to half of the screen for multitasking.


Working on two things at the same time? Select one window, press Win+Left Arrow.  This window will now take up the left half of your screen.  Select the second window, and hit Win+Right Arrow.  Now both windows are visible and each takes up half of your screen’s real estate.


You can also use this maximize windows quickly.  You open a program, and it opens in “restored/windowed” mode.  Just hit Win+Up Arrow (or drag it to the top edge of the screen) to maximize it.

 Try it out

Go ahead, just hold the Windows key and press the arrow keys to see what happens.  Just make sure you finish with “Win+Up arrow” so that you can come back to comment and share.