Moving, to the extreme – Use the Home and End keys to navigate

Home Key -> Go to the beginning

End Key -> Go to the end

Excel Extra

Some programs don’t take you to the very end using these keys, but instead to the end of the line.  Try holding the “Ctrl” key when using Home/End to navigate further



We’ve covered moving around the cursor, but sometimes we want to go to the start or end of a document, web page, Excel spreadsheet (you know, the 15000 line ones).  The “Home” and “End” keys never get any love, but they should.  Next time you want to jump to the beginning or end of a line of text, or a web page, give this a go.  You only really see the benefit when dealing with long strings of text, or boring PDF manuals, but give it a try now.  Habits are built off of repetition!


Try it out

  1. Click inside the text box above to try moving from the beginning to the end of each line using the keyboard
  2. Click outside of the text box and move to the start and end of this page

Pro Tip

Use in conjunction with “Shift” to select text from your cursor to the beginning or end of the line