Move around with the Keyboard

Ctrl + Arrow Key -> Move Cursor by word (instead of by character)

Shift + Arrow Key -> Select Text

For the adventurous:

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key -> Select Text by Word



We’ve all been there, when we need to move back to the beginning of a sentence, and it pains me to watch people press the back arrow button and hold it for 2 minutes while the cursor ticks back, character by character.  If this tip helps you with one thing, its this.  Moving around the screen with the arrow keys instead of the mouse is something we often revert to, but keep in mind that the “Ctrl” button moves by word and you will move around a lot quicker.

Graduating from this is using the keyboard to select stuff.  Typically we will double click a word, or click and drag to select the sentence.  Well, since your hands are already nicely situated on your keyboard, go ahead and try using “Ctrl” and your arrow keys to move the cursor to the right location, followed by holding the “Shift” button while moving the cursor to select the text you need.


Try it out