Stop wasting time launching applications from the start menu or from your desktop

When you need to open Word, do you minimize all of your windows so that you can find the shortcut on your desktop?

When you want to open the calculator, do you click on the start menu, then click “Accessories” then click on “Calculator”?

If you do this, you’re wasting your time.

Next time you want to open an app, find a file, or change a setting, just hit the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing.  And make sure you don’t type the whole name either, usually the first few characters are all you need.

Microsoft has really improved the search function in Windows over the years – both in speed and accuracy.  In Windows 8, they tried to get rid of the start menu altogether and people were outraged. They were outraged because that was how they were finding their apps.  They shouldn’t have been outraged because you shouldn’t be running your apps that way.

Hit the Windows key on your keyboard (or click the start menu) and just start typing.  Easy peasy.