The One Thing You Should Do Right Now To Protect Yourself Online

Adblockers are amazing and you should install one…like right now…

The internet has become the host to an infinite amount of advertisements and marketing campaigns. Have you ever wondered why there are amazing tools like Google, Gmail, Facebook – all offered for free?

The rule of thumb goes like this – if they don’t charge for the product, YOU are the product.

What that means is that Google offers all of these free services because they get paid each time you search with them and click a link.  You don’t need to pay them, because someone else is paying them for your traffic.

But the problem is worse than that.  Since everyone has ads running on their sites, they lose control over what they are showing.  This means that a perfectly respectable and trustworthy site, but be the host to an ad campaign that is malicious – this happens all of the time. Have you ever gotten a virus, or some spyware that changes your home page or messes with your search results?  And do you remember going to any malicious sites or doing something underhanded on the internet?  Chances are, no, you didn’t do anything wrong.  Marketers will hide links in ads, with big flashing word like “Download Now” or “Virus Detected” to catch your eye and trick you into clicking the ads.  They don’t mention the fact that they are in no way affiliated with the site you’re on, and that the “Virus Detected” alert is just forewarning you of what will happen when you do in fact click on the link…

So, now that I’ve adequately scared you, I want to present you the perfect solution to cleanup your internet, making it a safer place to navigate and an overall more pleasant experience: go get an adblocker.

If you want a list of adblockers out there, and insight into which adblocker I use, and why, hope on over to my sister-site I’m Your Tech Guy.  I’ll even take you through the installation process as well!