A group of my day to day tools:


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The huge screen size lets me spend lots of time reading, catching up on news, sending emails and just about anything else I do. 



Sort your notes into notebooks,stacks of notebooks, with tags and titles to help you search for that one specific note well after you’ve forgotten where you put it.




To Do list


Organize your To Do list like they’re post-it notes sorted into columns.  Create items, and move them to different a status, under another category.  


Chromecast + Plex

Chromecast is Google’s $35 HDMI adapter that connects your phone or computer wirelessly to your TV.  Plex is a home theatre server software that lets you organize and watch all of your content the way you want to


I typically try to run the latest version of Windows for work purposes, and have VM running Linux for coding and learning