Keep your computer locked – Win+L

Press and Hold the “Windows” key and Hit the “L” key to lock your workstation



If you work in an office environment, it is never a good idea to leave your computer logged in and unattended.  Most people have access to some sort of restricted data, whether that’s corporate or personal, and leaving your Windows session logged in is giving any passer by free access to the bulk of this information.  It also looks unprofessional to see a workstation logged in, sitting in the middle of an email or at the desktop.

Most people will lock their workstations by doing a “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and then selecting “Lock”.  This process works, but it’s much easier to just hit “Win+L” and walk away.

Fun Tip

See a workstation that’s unlocked in your office?  It’s always fun to send out an email to AllStaff from the logged in user’s email.  It’s very similar to the urge you get when you see someone auto logged in to Facebook on a shared computer.  You just kind of have to post on their wall…